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Our Distinction

Designed Expressly for Children. Created by very Passionate People.




White Cedar

White cedar. A natural way to do better.


Over 15 years. This is indeed the natural useful life of white cedar with which we build our swing sets. This soft wood species, without sprinters and highly resistant, defends itself naturally against mildew and insects. No chemical treatment. No metal treatment. Only quality and resistance. Conclusion: safe playsets, healthy for the environment and your children. Playsets that will grow along with them.



Rugged Construction

Designed for your « Featherweights ». Robust enough for the « Heavyweights ».


We build on solid ground. Numerous beams, 4 X 4 corner braces, 4 X 4 posts, white cedar resistant to everything, use of glue-laminated wood, a manufacturing technique of wooden pieces which has proven itself, bolts and nuts plated with highly resistant zinc... No small pieces. No slats. No half-measures. Only robust and durable materials. Including the « navy » type canvas, fully resistant. Moreover, our wooden swing sets are self-supporting; they don't need to be anchored in the ground and may be relocated and even moved. Ingenious. Unique.



A Quebec Product

Created by us. Designed for you.


Our creations are 100% made in Quebec. We are people from Quebec. A net advantage since we can create customized models. Plus: a better quality control, the use of materials known for their reliability, and an after-sale service highly personalized. That is how we do business. That is how, also, we create jobs at home.




Entertain children for a long time. A very long time.


Momentary pleasure? Not part of our strategy. Our swing sets are made to last. Made of white cedar, a wood species well-known to resist all kinds of weather and insect damages. Assembled according to techniques ensuring the stability of the installations with high quality hardware, the playsets will amuse children as long as they want to.




Unwavering Commitment to Safety for all your kids.


We do know safety standards. Our swing sets are always built having the safety of your children in mind. All our structures are designed so that no children will fall or get caught. The safety of the children and the peace of mind of the parents are a must at Les Jeux Modul'Air. Playing is a serious matter for us.



Customized Design

Designed by very passionate people. Tested by kids.


In the beginning, there was a father who wanted to offer his children a quality swing set. Then he wished to see them have fun, year after year. This is the foundation on which Les Jeux Modul'Air was built. Today, Les Jeux Modul'Air playsets are designed for all kinds of spaces with various uses. Single family homes, camping sites, camps, private properties, orchards or other types of business, small municipalities, suburbs or remote areas… we propose personalized models to meet all needs in addition to really amusing accessories: Les Jeux Modul'Air is a world of possibilities.




Today's family is evolving. So are our wooden swing sets.


The family is becoming larger. The children are growing up. The addition of a tower, the replacement of a toddler swing to a tire swing, the installation of a turbo slide, the addition of some beams to allow new possibilities, increase the difficulty level and renew the pleasure. This is a matter of making your set cost effective.




Not interested in fiddling around? We'll do it for your at your place.


We are the best people to do it because we know our playsets. That's why the installation of the set at your place, in your backyard, has become a real child's play for us. Need a bigger hand? Ask us for a quote. From taking measures to excavation work, and surface preparation, we offer a total quality service and the promise that everything will be done according to the proper rules.



Ready-to-Assemble Kit

Follow the Instruction Guide. Assemble like a Pro.


Les Jeux Modul'Air also delivers playsets in a handyman kit, ready-to-assemble. No need to be an expert. You only have to follow our detailed instruction guides, they're easy to follow. The kit comes with pre-drilled pieces well identified and a technical support at your disposal, so the installation of the playset will look like a child's play. Need a hand or information? Contact us or write to us.




Simple and honest. That's all!


Our swing sets are guaranteed 5 years, the wood Glued-Laminated is lifetime warranty and our accessories 1 year.

This warranty applies only to the original purchaser.



For more information, contact us !


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Whether you are in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Moncton, Westmount or anywhere else in Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick and even everywhere in Canada, you may rely on Les Jeux Modul'Air to design your child's ideal swing set or to provide you with accessories.

Here are other cities where we may provide services: Beaconsfield, Longueuil, Drummondville, Edmundston, Sherbrooke and many others! Our personnel will be happy to answer all your questions and analyse your project with you.



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