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Our Mission

Evolve with your family and your children


The mission of Les Jeux Modul'Air is to design, manufacture and sell durable and upgradable outdoor wooden swing sets made of high quality white cedar that will fulfil the needs of children of all ages. Our range of products also includes indoor playsets made of ash and Russian birch.




Our Vision

We manufacture swing sets for small children. And we think big.


Child play is our fundamental purpose. For us, at Les Jeu Modul'Air, safety and reliability is necessarily as imperative as children's entertainment. That is why we always aim beyond and better.


Durability. Ruggedness. Materials of choice. Distinctiveness. Those are the key words guiding our decisions and motivating our choices. They are also the principles that allowed us to carve out a prime position in the world of swing sets.


Playing in the big league

Spurred by the success of our products, we are now focussing on growth. Our objective is to make our products known at the national level. Nothing less.




Our History

It all started off with the family. Then the children grew up. So did our company.


Daniel Marcotte, the father of seven children, had been looking for a high-quality, original, attractive, and safe playset for quite a while. He wished to find a playset that was sufficiently upgradable to suit children of all ages.


Realising that the choice was limited, he then decided to create a playset from scratch. With his own hands, tools and his head full of ideas, he built a first swing set. Followed by another. And another. That is how Les Jeux Modul'Air was born in a 1000 ft2 local within the family house, in 2008.


With the support of the Société de développement économique de Drummondville, the company was able to grow and get all the equipment needed to support its growth.


In 2012, Les Jeux Modul'Air moved to the street along Highway 20, in a 6,000 sq. ft. space where they invested in machinery to buy raw cedar and transform it as needed. of the company. It was also at this time that the 4x4s of each of the modules became laminated, offering better longevity to the structures.


In 2020, the family and the company moved operations to the lower St-Laurent, more precisely to St-Simon de Rimouski, but the distribution of products is still done across Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick and a warehouse is even still existing in the Center of Quebec in St-Cyrille de Wendover.



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For more information, contact us !


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Whether you are in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Saint-Hyacinthe, Pointe-Claire or anywhere else in Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick and even everywhere in Canada, you may rely on Les Jeux Modul'Air to design your child's ideal swing set or to provide you with accessories.

Here are other cities where we may provide services: Sherbrooke, Drummondville, Trois-Rivières, Aylmer, Beaconsfield and many others! Our personnel will be happy to answer all your questions and analyse your project with you.



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