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Which type of wood is used to make the outdoor playsets?


Eastern white cedar is the only variety of wood used by Jeux Modul’Air. White cedar has natural control over decay and insects, that’s why it is extremely durable. The soft grain of cedar eliminates all risks of splinters for your children.



What is the lifetime of Eastern white cedar?


Eastern white cedar (untreated) has a lifetime that goes over 20 years compared to 5 years for pine or spruce (untreated). You can find, on the market, playsets that are made of pine and even cedar. These varieties of wood do not have the same properties as American white cedar at all. To prove it, these playsets are delivered with a chemical treatment against decay and a coat of stain that you must renew regularly if you wish to keep your wood in good condition and without any splinters.



Do we have to treat Eastern white cedar?


No. White cedar does not require any treatments and still is durable without any risks of sprinters. With time, cedar will turn silver gray. If you want to keep the white color of the wood, you only have to wash it with a mixture of water and javel water once a year.



What are the advantages of white cedar in comparison to other varieties of wood?


White cedar is used by manufacturers who favor durability of their products. You save time and money when you buy a product made of white cedar which does not require any treatments or staining, however nothing keeps you from staining it any color you want. Moreover, a playset made of white cedar will retain a better resale value.



How long does it take to assemble my playset?


Time needed for the assembly may vary from one set to the other, but the average is 7-8 hours for two people, with the tools that you have at home. All parts, without exception, are pre-drilled, planed and sanded. Our playsets are all assembled with bolts, nuts and lag screws. A 3D guide is supplied with the kit for the assembly.



May we buy a playset that meets our requirements?


Yes, if you want modifications to the models presented on our website, we will do them according to your requirements.



On what type of ground do I have to mount my playset from Jeux Modul’air?


We recommend mounting your playset on a compact surface, like the natural ground of your property. Once the installation is completed, you must add about 5 inches of absorbing material such as crushed cedar mulch, sand or any other material that will soften the impact in case of a fall on the ground.



How much clearance do I need around my playset?


You must allow for 5 feet on each side of the playset you have selected and you must make sure that no electric wires or clotheslines can be reached by children or by any objects they might hold. Jeux Modul’Air will supply you with the requirements as far as the dimensions are concerned before you even order your playset.



What are the guaranties offered by Jeux Modul’Air?


Jeux Modul’Air guarantees the playset accessories for a period of one year from the delivery date. The white cedar structure of the set is guaranteed for a period of 5 years against all manufacturing defects and/or abnormal wear. The guaranty covers the residential wear of a playset and is not valid if the set has been deteriorated in any way due to major adverse weather (thunder, fire, and strong wind), vandalism or an inadequate mounting. Documents concerning the guaranties will be supplied to the buyer when taking possession of the playset.



What is the difference between a regular and an athletic tower?


The regular tower makes way for a full size floor of 4’ X 4’ or 4’ X 6’ depending on the size of the tower chosen. In the case of a regular tower, the child accesses the main floor using a small wooden ladder. The athletic tower is only available in the 4’ X 6’ version. The small wooden ladder is replaced by stair landings built in the basis of the tower allowing the children to climb to the main floor that has a surface of 4' x 4'.



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